I want to make a written statement of my personal experience with the effective use of "ROOT WALL BARRIERS" to assist in damage control and cure the harmful effects of roots from trees.

Trees need large amounts of water. The roots of the trees seek moisture and will find that moisture anywhere. The roots will travel great distances to obtain moisture. When the tree roots take moisture from the soils under and around the foundation of a home, the result is soil that does not have the moisture content it needs to support the foundation of a home. A properly installed (75 year guaranteed) barrier will allow the support soil to maintain more consistent moisture content. The barrier will also allow the soils to maintain a more consistent state of position and disallow shrink-swell problems.

Case at hand: A forty five foot barrier was installed around a 40 year old LIVE OAK that was planted approximately 35 feet from the house. The house corrected its elevation and returned to the original constructed plane within 10 months. The house had a simple zoned irrigation system for the azaleas around the perimeter of the house which provided the moisture needed to return the soil to constructed plane. Also, this was done during a period of severe drought (see Houston, Texas weather) in 2010-2011.

Trees ROB THE MOISTURE! The root wall barriers were installed by hand digging a 4 inch trench, thirty two inches deep, and placing the  20mil plastic barrier in the trench and packing the soil back into the trench. Many roots were pruned during the process, and all efforts were to protect the beautiful tree.

Homeowners: Beware of trees growing too close to the foundation of your home!!! It could cause a potential buyer not to purchase the home if FOR SALE. It could cause your home to have severe foundation issues in the future. I installed the root barrier January 2010.

​Cliff Rampy

Root Wall Pro is the repair work that I had done for my foundation. I had noticed that there were cracks in my slab and I had Root Wall Pro come out and on September 12, 2011, I had 84' of root barrier installed and a Root Wall Pro watering system for my foundation. It took 2 days for the crew to do the installation. They were professional and polite and you could hardly tell that anything had been done.

​Dave Kaiser

I heard about the advantages and successes of root wall barriers on the Randy Lemmon GardenLine show. I had Root Wall Pro install two root wall barriers between my oak trees and my home. I had the barrier installed to prevent damage to my foundation. I believe in being proactive. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of Root Wall Pro's crew. The foreman stated he had been working for Mr. Anderson for over 15 years! The trenches were hand dug, the dirt was piled neatly on tarps, the 20 year warranted root wall material was installed, the trenches refilled, and the grass replanted. All the work was completed in half a day. I could hardly see where the work was done. Since the installation of the root walls, my trees are thriving and my grass is growing. Due to the drought conditions, I am having a Root Wall Pro foundation watering system installed around the perimeter of my home.

Pat Gauger

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In February 2009, I had Root Wall Pro, a division of Aqualift, Inc., install a root wall barrier. I heard about root wall barriers at Gary Anderson's seminar at the Home and Garden Show. It just made sense that preventing a tree from sucking out moisture from under my foundation would help keep my slab stable. His crew did a great job and left my yard clean and neat. I am a highly satisfied customer because the root wall is doing what it is supposed to do! My foundation has stabilized.

​Tammy Bailey

I am a home inspector. I have known Mr. Anderson for many years. Several years ago I had Root Wall Pro install a root wall barrier at my home. His crew was professional and the installation only took one day. The root wall barriers are a very important part of keeping a foundation stable and preventing foundation damage. It saves thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.

​Gordon Fox of Fox Inspection Group (Click here to see Gordon's video.)


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Root Wall Pro

Root Wall Pro installed a root wall barrier at my home in September 2009. It has helped stabilize my foundation. In the future, I am planning to have Aqualift, Inc. install a foundation watering system around my foundation. Mr. Anderson is a professional who cares about his clients. He was referred to me by Professional Engineering Corporation.

​Art Fay

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