What is a root wall? It is a barrier between a tree and a home's foundation.

Root pruning (or root capping) of tree roots and installing a root barrier to protect your home's foundation against foundation failure is an integral and essential part of the foundation repair process.

Trees need water, and will go around or under your home's foundation looking for moisture. The need for root barriers is related to the expansive clay gumbo soil that will shrink as it dries out. Any structure that is built on expansive clay soils will move downward as the soil dries and shrinks, thus causing settlement. If the soil dries on one side of the structure due to the sun's direct exposure of trees, differential settlement will occur. Differential settlement can cause serious damage to a home, including sheetrock cracks, broken bricks, granite and tile, sticking doors, and cracked slab. To prevent damage, a root barrier is usually installed between trees, foundations, sidewalks, or driveways. In some cases it is possible that settlement that has occurred because of shrinking soil can be reversed with a root wall barrier and the introduction of water.

Root Wall Pro provides many services: Installation of root walls, foundation watering systems, and deep root feeding of trees.

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What is a foundation watering system? It is a zoned system that comprises of a battery operated timer and buried emitter hoses. It automatically provides a constant level of moisture in the support soil of the home.

With over 20 years of designing and installing sensored and non-sensored foundation watering systems, Gary Anderson has proven results. He holds the only patent on a sensored foundation watering system in the United States. Root Wall Pro now offers a simple, non-sensored foundation watering system. The system is comprised of a drip emmiter hose with a twenty year warranty that runs off your faucets and a battery operated timer. Knowledge about how much water to emit, when to emit the water, and where the placement of the emitter hoses around the foundation are all key factors in the performance of your watering system. Soil mechanics is not for the inexperienced. Gary Anderson received his soil education at the University of Texas in Arlington, and was on the construction research advisory board for a number of years. To date, Gary Anderson is the only person in the foundation repair industry that has a letter from Dr. Thomas M. Petry, Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Texas at Arlington, acclaiming his watering system: "When done correctly, this moisture stabilization process has resulted in no need for further leveling of the structure. The cost of doing moisture stabilization REMEDIAL work is, therefore not only NECESSARY but very economical." Over 90% of homes built since the late 1970's have what is called a post tension foundation. This flexible type of foundation has been fairly effective until our 2010-2011 drought. Older homes were built using rebar (steel) reinforced foundation which strengthens the slab. Homes with this type of slab can still experience foundation movement, but overall have a better performance record.

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Deep Root Feeding and Tree Watering System

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Deep Root Pro, a division of Root Wall Pro, offers four (4) options for feeding and watering trees:

  • Option 1: An organic biological fertilizer that offers 70 minerals and billions of beneficial microbes and hormones that stimulate plant growth. The fertilizer is placed in hand-dug holes filled with stone aggregate.
  • Option 2: A machine injected chemical fertilizer that is directly injected into the soil (a less expensive system).
  • Option 3: A deep watering system which includes an emitter hose that attaches to your existing sprinkler system.
  • Option 4: A deep watering system that includes emitter hoses and a timer that attaches directly to your faucet.

Deep root tree feeding is an art. The feeding of trees during a drought period is critical to their survival. Let us install a foundation watering system to protect/correct your foundation issues.