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Root Wall Pro was founded by Gary Anderson in the early 80's.  Gary had a desire to patent a foundation moisture system that would take the most aggressive approach to assist homeowners with problems of cracking and moving foundations. After working with the University of Texas at Arlington for five years, and many years of trial and error, Gary has the only proven system for controlling the shrinking soils of Texas. The shrink/swell factor, or the Plasticity Index, is the scientific method of calculating the properties of the soil that support the foundation of the home. In the majority of Texas regions, this index or factor can demonstrate how ineffective the soil can be in supporting the home. Without consistent moisture, the soil becomes unstable, causing structural movement.

Is your home at one with nature? LET US help.

Our mission at Root Wall Pro is to provide sensible solutions to your foundation problems. We seek to provide quality service and to deliver to each customer 100% of what we promise. In this endeavor, we promise to serve our customers with integrity, honesty, and reliability. We know that our customers depend on us to do the job right, and by providing superior service and practical solutions to foundation problems, our customers are not only satisfied with the work we do, they often recommend our service to others. It just makes sense.

Our Story

Root Wall Pro

Our Mission

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